Hydroponic nutrients

Nutrients are the plants source of food, so choosing the right ones are essential. There are many nutrients and additives covering several different methods of growing, such as, hydroponic, coco and soil. Each brand of nutrients contains specific blends of minerals, vitamins, beneficial bacteria and micro organisms. By talking to our team we can ensure you get the right recipe for you, so that the quantity and quality of your produce gets better and better.

Nutrients, Additives and Boosters

Here at Kinsley hydroponics we stock a wide range of nutrients, additives and boosters. Our team will ensure each customer gets the very best recipe for their needs.

We supply the following brands:

  • Dutch Pro
  • Canna
  • House and Garden
  • Vitalink
  • Advanced Nutrients
  • Growth Technology
  • Hydrotops
  • Ionic
  • GHE
  • Plant Magic
  • Plagron
  • Humboldt
  • Atami Bcuzz

Hydroponic Growing
Wide Range of Hydro Growing Nutrients Alway's in Stock