Hydroponics Miscellaneous Products

There are endless numbers of items we provide. From Jack chain, Air Stones, Yoyos or Eazi Rollers to Drying Nets, Amazon Propagators and water Butts. If you cannot see what you are looking for please feel free to visit our store or give us a call.

Hydroponics Miscellaneous Products

Here are a few miscellanous items:

  • 4mm/13mm connections & Pipe
  • Flow Taps/Inline Taps
  • IWS/Auto Pot Connections
  • Anti Siphon Valve
  • Dripper Equipment
  • Inline Filters
  • Spray Bottles
  • Clip on fans
  • A Range of Reflective Sheeting
  • Bowl Trimmers
  • Pea Netting
  • Bamboo Canes
  • Filter Sleeves
  • PH Meters/EC Meters
  • Digital Thermo Hygrometers
  • Smoke Bombs
Hydroponic Equipment

Miscellaneous Hydroponic Equipment