Hydroponics Ventilation and Fans

A growing environment is never complete without ventilation. Good ventilation not only removes un-wanted odour, pests and stale air which can cause disease, but, also provides fresh air which is a major factor in a strong healthy plant.

Hydroponics Ventilation and Fans

Every Grow room should consist of an inlet in which fresh air is provided, a fan and filter which remove warm odorous air and a pedestal or floor fan for circulation.

We supply the following manufacturers products

  • RVK SystemAir
  • Ram Fans
  • Tornado Box Fans
  • Vents TT
  • AirForce Fans
  • Pedestal Fans
  • Fresh Floor Fans
  • T’s & Y Connections
  • Combi / Aluminum / Acoustic Ducting
  • Reducers / Duct to Wall / Jubilee Clips
Hydroponic Fans