Hydroponics Growing Systems

A the heart of every grow room is a growing system, each one should be specific to the growers needs. Whether you choose a hydroponic system or simple hand feeding methods our teams knowledge and advice is on hand 24 hours a day.

Hydroponics Growing Systems

Weather you choose a laid back independent system such as the IWS Flood and Drain, or the more time consuming method of hand feeding in pots, there is certainly a system to suit everyone.

We supply the following growing Systems:

  • IWS Flood and Drain
  • IWS Dripper System
  • IWS Deep Water Culture
  • Autopot System
  • NFT Trays
  • Pots and Trays/Saucers- Various Sizes
  • Dripper Systems
  • Irrigation Methods
  • Wilma system
  • Aeroponic Bucket
Growing Systems