Hydroponic Growing Media

The hallmark of hydroponic growing is a soil-less growing medium. Although plants need to be supported or held up somehow this is done with soil-less media, inert, non-organic materials such as Coco, Clay pebbles or Rockwool. They do not add to or change the chemical makeup of the nutrient solution in any way. These substances are porous, light, and coarse, which allows oxygen and nutrients easy access to the plants roots.

Growing Media

Fundamental to any Grower are the choices of medium one can choose. Depending upon the selected growing system, a specific medium will be required. Our team will direct you in choosing the correct combination.

We supply the following growing medium:

  • Hydrocorn Clay Pebbles
  • PlantIt Clay Pebbles
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Biobizz All mix
  • Canna Coco Professional +
  • Mapito
  • Batmix Soil
  • Special Mix Soil Gold Label
  • Canna Terra Professional +
  • 60/40 Coco Pebble Mix Gold Label
  • Varieties of Rockwool Blocks and Propagation Cubes
Hydroponic Growing Medium